"A site
different is
"A site for special people and those who care for special people."
Our Mission:  We hope to become a one-stop site to help
locate information about special needs members of our
communities.  Knowing that the web is an evolving arena we
will make every effort to make sure that all links remain active.  
Should you find a broken link please check our contact page
and notify our webmaster.
Who and Why:  Nobody wakes up one day and says "wow, I'd
like to have a child with special needs", but it happens every
day.  Some people are better suited then others to handle the
challenges surround having a special needs child.  One thing is
certain, at least for us, while daunting at times we would not
trade our child with disabilities for a "normal" child for
anything.  We may not have asked for this but other than
trading the pain and suffering that he must endure for a
"normal" child -everything else is what makes him who he is
and the one we love
-let no one take that away.

We hope to have many linked pages with many areas of
interest. Please explore and bookmark the site.  Changes will
occur often so check back frequently.  We are add supported, a
necessary evil to help defray the costs of maintain the site.

Having spent hundreds of hours researching everything from
medications to mediation and IEP regulations to sibling support
groups why reinvent the wheel.  If you have a site that you
want listed please forward the link to us so that we can see
where it best fits in -we hope you treat this as your
clearinghouse to the world of special needs and beyond.