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Fully aside from the fear and pain involved in blood work,
especially for your child it is frustrating to first wait forever
for results and then be told nothing about all the values
included.  Especially for those of you with special needs
children on a lot of medications it is important to know what
each particular value is at a given time --even if it is normal.
 By tracking the numbers over time and noting the reasons
for blood work it can give you a very good idea of what is
going and help you make a more educated decision about
medication, behavior and well being.  

Your first stop is in Medical Records in the hospital where
the blood work is being done.  Request a Medical Records
Release Authorization Form (must be updated / signed
every 6 months).  Fill it out listing YOU as a the intended
recipient of results.  This will give you permission to receive
your own (or your child's) results.  Then go to the blood lab
and ask for a copy of the results.

Use this site to help decipher the numbers/values on the
blood test results:
This is a good primer on Pediatric Blood Tests and what the various tests are for:
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