Medication & Pharmacy
Don't trust anyone.  The most important person to your special
needs child is YOU.  Every year 40,000 people die from taking
the wrong medication or dose another 1.3 million are injured.  
Don't be a statistic.  Know what medications are taken, how they
interact and what the potential side effects are.  There are many
sites that can help --try these:

For drug information including side effects, dosages and
Know your medications:
There are many varieties of the same medication and with today's insurance companies
running the show you never know if you will get a brand name or generic medication when
you get your prescription filled.  The medication may look the same or may look all together
different but YOU need to make sure what you are taking (or dispensing) is indeed the
correct medication.  Use one of these tools to identify medications BEFORE you give them
to anyone.  Don't trust the pharmacy to be right -often they are not.  Remember that many
pharmacies use "technicians" to fill orders and the pharmacist only signs off on it.  On busy
days -that's where the ball gets dropped:
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Medically related conversions, including drugs, dosages, weights, BMI, heart disease risk...
Drug Interactions:
While taking one medication may not cause any side effects, and taking a different
medication also may not cause any side effects taking them together may pose a problem.  
Use this website to enter two or more medications and see what the likely effect will be.  
Don't rely on the pharmacy or doctor to tell you there may be a problem, many times a GP
will prescribe one medication and a specialist another.  It is very important to keep track of
all your medications to keep you or child from becoming a statistic.